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Responsibility and ethical approach

Concerning our clients and projects, personal trust is of the utmost importance.
  • Confidentiality
    We commit to strict confidentiality with regards to any information related to the client's business undertakings and communicated within the project scope. This confidentialtiy also applies to the client's awarding of the project to us.

  • Agreement of the Candidates
    We only present candidates who were informed of the position to be filled and who gave us their explicit consent with respect to their nomination to our clients.

  • Protection of Trust concerning the Candidates
    We have assured candidates of confidentiality on their potential interest in a job move. Therefore we expect our client to use the knowledge of the candidacy only within the scope previously agreed with us. Before the transfer of any candidate's CV to affiliated enterprises, we would have to obtain the candidate's express consent.

  • Protection of the Client
    We will never actively contact candidates who are employees of one of our clients.

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